Raw Materials

What are we doing to save the planet?


We want you to know that our commitment with the planet is REAL! and we´re here to make a shift in your way of choosing fashion.


What are we saving?

save the planet



Growing cotton, even organic, demands a large amount of water, producing severe droughts in some areas of the planet.


FOKUS upcycled products take almost ZERO water.

  • 1 Regular cotton t-shirt: 2750 Lts of water
  • 1 FOKUS t-shirt: 0 Lts of water
  • We save 30 millions lts of water yearly




70% of pet bottles around the world, end up in oceans or landfills.

FOKUS products are made out recycled Rpet bottles.

4 pet bottles make a FOKUS t-shirt.



20% of textiles used in fashion, end up as waste polluting our planet.

90% of that waste is recyclable, and only 3% is actually recycled.

FOKUS products are made out from top quality upcycled cotton fibers.




25% of all toxic chemicals used in the world are from the textile industry.

(Pesticides, fertilizers, Dyes), and 18% of all pesticides worldwide are applied to cotton plants,polluting our farms and groundwater.

FOKUS products are Pesticides-free and fertilizers-free.




Dye processing takes many toxic chemicals and is a massive source of water pollution.

FOKUS products are Dyes-free.

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