fokus introduction

Fokus CEO Introduction

Hey you #Gamechanger! I´m Camilo, CEO and co-founder @ FOKUS GREEN. I´m really happy and honored to open this space to share with you and build a better future together!
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Here at Fokus Green, we are committed to being the change that we want to see in the world. Creating clothing with a conscious, it is important for us to be collective in our sustainable efforts, which means staying close to our most dedicated followers who share the same drive for making the world a better place. What is important to you, is important to us.

That’s why we built this blog– to create a space for you to stay informed and up to date about real issues with real solutions. Here, you can see how other industries are progressing towards a greener future, as well as learn about current initiatives and collaborations in action. You can also find tips and tricks that will help you adopt greener habits in to your own daily life.

This is a space for you to be informed and entertained. We’d love to hear from you about what you would like to see– we want to build this blog with you! We look forward to expanding and staying connected with our sustainable community while creating a green future that starts with you.

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