With your help, we can create better and greater social and environmental impact. Your donations are destined to the conservation of our planet’s species, forests and oceans through our sustainability action programs

Because it´s more than a good story to tell. It´s how we must do things. Without sustainability, there´s no future for fashion.

We dream BIG! and our generation is meant to change the world for good. We will make it based on good vibes that spark inside our souls and cleaner business habits. Saving the planet feels great… and now it looks greater!

bottles turned

Plastic bottles turned into fashion


Kg textile “waste” recycled


Kg of waste collected from the ocean


Millions of lts of water saved

“The earth is what we all have in common”

Our action statement


Our commitment is REAL. We´re commited with the future of our planet, with our value chain, and with YOU!

As transparency is one of our core values, we´ll let you know everything what we do, and how we do it. We grant full access to our supply chain conditions, workers, team, certifications, and environmental reports for you to be clear about what are you wearing.

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