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The Renew Initiative– How Converse’s new project is giving waste a second life

With Converse’s commitment to innovation and timeless styles, the brand has taken their next step towards a sustainable future with the Renew Initiative. The project focuses on 3 different recycled and upcycled materials (canvas, denim, and cotton) that are used to create their new sneakers.

According to Converse, the Renew canvas has “the same feel and look as traditional Converse canvas, except now made from 100 percent recycled polyester that came from used plastic bottles.”

This commendable approach to waste reinvents Converse product creation while setting an example for other footwear brands to shift gears towards more sustainable practices without giving up the product’s style.

Converse’s dominance in the footwear scene allows for great exposure of the brand’s newly adopted methods of production to reduce the use of raw materials. The brand’s shift demonstrates environmental consciousness that is both practical and necessary for the health of the future.

Converse Renew Canvas, using recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), will retail on July 5th of this year, with Converse Renew Denim 70 following suit in August. The public will have to wait just a bit longer for Converse Renew Cotton, which is said to begin retailing in 2020.

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