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Because it´s more than just a beautiful story to tell, it is the way we should do things. Without sustainability we will have no future. Our line of textiles and ecological supplies are a solution for all who believe in change and seek to generate a positive impact on the planet.


Take your company towards an honest, responsible and sustainable path and let’s be the change we want to see in the world!

Impact of our textiles (per roll of 70 meters – 25 kg)


Impact of our garments (By shirt):

white label
white label
white label
white label
white label
recycled polyester
recycled cotton

We can be your partner in:


  • Raw material: Work with our line of ecological textiles.
  • Complete package: We develop your clothes with your brand from the fabric to the label.
  • Download the catalog here.
  • Download presentation brands here.


Our production is made in Colombia under the best conditions of security, transparency, health and fair wages. We are sustainable fashion, we are ethical fashion, we are GOOD fashion! Our production is free from chemicals, pesticides and dyes.

Our textiles and supplies have global certificates:

They are already part of the change:


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