“The earth is what we all have in common”


Because it´s more than a good story to tell. It´s how we must do things. Without sustainability, there´s no future for fashion.

manifesto fokus

FOKUS GREEN act as a change catalyst in a mega industry that generates $ 2.4 trillion on revenues
yearly, that employs more than 60 million of people around the world, and everybody uses every
day, but affects directly 2 contexts everybody must care about:


– Human equality.
– Natural resources limits. (We live on a finite planet, there´s no “PLANET B”).

Our sustainability strategies are aligned with the United Nations SDGs, directly impacting these 3:


Responsible production and consumption: “We contribute to the development of circular economies by using recycled and organic raw materials, chemical-free productions, pesticides and tinctures.


Underwater life “The ocean and its magic is our favorite place and that is why we always seek to protect it. We have contributed to the cleaning of more than 30 tons of waste from our beaches and oceans, transforming more than 50,000 PET bottles into fashion.


Decent work and economic growth: “We value the person who puts our clothes in the same way as the people who made them. We make sure that our production is made in Colombia under the best conditions of safety, health and fair wages We believe in making good fashion for our planet and for people “

ethical fashion

It takes 2500 lts of water to produce one regular cotton t-shirt. And almost 50% of the people working on the industry don´t get a fair salary (not even the minimum wage) for their job.


This all sucks, but we want to FOKUS on solutions, not problems. We were born green, so we move forward from sustainability, not to sustainability, that´s why we move FAST on a growing concept and we´re here to help you to reach better alternatives for you and your business.

We are curious, just like you. We don´t want to use just a good design. We want to use good fashion, and that means using our values:

fokus manifesto



We value our value chain. We want you to know who are the human beings behind your favorite t-shirt. We want you to know their stories, their dreams, their skills. Our production is made entirely by Colombian women with the best working conditions possible.

good vibes fokus

Good Vibes


We believe in collaboration and kindness for a better world, we believe in the power of creative minds + conscious souls, that´s why we want you to join us and be part of a better future by re-defining the way you think and use fashion. We are proving that there are better ways to produce, consume and live fashion. Spread the vibe and be the change.




It´s about changing our perspectives. Finding new and better alternatives is possible. “We are the first generation to be conscious about ​​the environmental problem of our planet, and the last one that can do something about it.”

fokus Coherence



It´s not what we do, it´s how we do it. We really want to go beyond ourselves and generate a positive impact for our future, that´s why we look up for any  rea of opportunity that let us help our planet stay clean. Ocean cleanups, reforestations, freedom of endangered species are some of our favorite life experiences. Join us!

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