From trash to Maajic

From trash to Maajic– How Colombian swimwear launch is cleaning our oceans

Maaji, swimwear and activewear brand based in Medellin, Colombia, offers a stylish and proactive line of beachwear that is dedicated to cleaning up our ecosystems. The brand is launching their first ever Earth Warriors line, made of eco-conscious materials and recycled fabrics. The collection will be available in January 2020.

Maaji’s environmental initiative seeks to protect and restore the oceans and beaches of Colombia. The brand has followed the steps of your very own, Fokus Green, in creating fabrics from recycled PET bottles. In doing so, the environmental benefits of these processes include 90% less water, 80% less CO2 and a product of 99% recycled yarn.

In collaboration with Fokus Green and one of Colombia’s most famous influencers, Claudia Bahamon, Maaji’s team of #RealMermaids has advanced their mission of transforming our world and is making efforts towards reusing the “trash” they have picked up during beach and ocean clean ups, #FromTrashIntoMaajic.

Maaji has also participated in various events targeted at cleaning and improving the state of environments across Colombia. On May 18th and 19th, Maaji joined forces with Tosh, Postobón, L’Occitane en Provence and Fokus Green to clean Playa Cueva in Santa Marta as a part of the Earth Warriors program.

Fokus Green is proud to have worked with Maaji as the Earth Warrior team solidifies their commitment to generating a positive impact on our planet.

The Earth Warriors line symbolizes a new and greener future for the fashion industry. With an eco-friendly mindset at the foundation of their brand and Fokus paving the way for sustainable practices in the Colombian textile industry, Maaji is taking us one step closer to saving the oceans and helping redefine how we create fashion– one swimsuit at a time.

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