Greensouls by FOKUS GREEN.

We want a better planet, and we are creating it!


Sustainability is not just talking about it, it’s about doing something about it. And that’s why FOKUS is constantly searching any area of opportunity so we can make a positive impact in our environment, and our environmental protection movement # Greensouls by FOKUS GREEN is our best way to take action for our planet!


From 2017 to 2021 , Greensouls by FOKUS GREEN has organized and been part of multiple events that help our planet such as reforestations, freedom of endangered species, and massive ocean and beaches cleanups.

Because of this, we have made amazing partners and friends that flow with our same vibe!


And we´re nothing but grateful with their amazing work and energy. Every brand, volunteer, staff and ambassador that have been part of our experiences is now forever a Green soul.


We have partnership with WWF , and as a result of this, we are now protecting our forests, oceans and wildlife. We have made the first 4Ocean  cleanup in Latinamerica. They are leaders in beach cleanups in the US and we joined forces to clean one of the most endangered coastline in Colombia.
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We have also worked with Ocean Conservancy because they love our ocean in the same way we do, cleaning more than 10 tons of plastic waste from Colombian beaches.


Special thanks to our National Army and our amazing friends in Ecopazifico , Amigos del mar, Akwamare & Mamancana Leaders in creating awareness for our planet and education through sustainability and to every single soul that has been part of our events. You are the change!

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