“The simple flapping of a butterfly can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world” according to this concept linked to physics and chaos theory, in systems that are by nature dynamic, small changes can lead to totally divergent consequences, a small disturbance initial can have a considerable effect in the short, medium and long term. If we look at the fashion industry and the market as dynamic systems, we realize that as human activities grow and material needs become more complex, our impact on the environment, natural resources, pollution and these problems increases. not only to the planet but to all living beings that inhabit it, including humans.

The next ten years will be quite challenging for the fashion industry without a doubt, people rightly ask for safer and more respectful working conditions, a growing proportion of consumers demand greater transparency in environmental and social performance and that fashion brands adopt more responsible business practices. According to the global fashion agenda magazine, fashion production is expected to increase by 81% by 2030 if the industry continues to grow at its current rate.

Investing in people and caring for the planet is essential to generate a bold systemic change and prepare the fashion industry for a prosperous future, sustainability is no longer just a trend it has become a business imperative and that is why the analogy of the butterfly effect, those efforts to contribute to the construction of a sustainable fashion industry and a different way of doing things are like that stone that is thrown over an extensive lagoon and that begins to generate waves on the surface of the water, actions that at first they may seem small compared to a mega industry that generates approximately three hundred million jobs in the world but which is done with the certainty that perhaps in the long term they can impact that same number of people.

There are aspects of our human behavior that, even being left to chance, are capable of drawing a before and after.
To change everything. To cause a certain impact on our environment that we are not always fully aware of.

Written by: Juan Fernando Ríos – Production manager

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