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This web site there is operated by FOKUS GREEN (AACD S.A.S). In the whole place, the terms “we”, “us” and “ours” they refer to FOKUS GREEN (AACD S.A.S). FOKUS GREEN (AACD S.A.S) offers this web site, including all the information, hardware and services available for you in this place, the user, he is determined to the acceptance of all the terms, conditions, politics and notifications here established.

On having visited our place and/or having bought something of us, paticipas in our “Service” and you accept the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”, “Terms”), include to you all the additional terms and conditions and the polítias to which one refers in the this document and/or available across hyperties. These Conditions of Service apply themselves for all the users of the place, including if limitation to users who are navigating, providers, clients, merchants, and/or collaborators of content.

Please, he reads these Terms of Service carefully before gaining access or to use our web site. On having gained access or having used any part of the place, you are accepting the Terms of Service. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you should not gain access to the web page or use any of the services. If the Terms of Service are considered to be an offer, the acceptance is definitely limited to these Terms of Service.

Any new function or tool that are added to the current shop, also will be subject to the Terms of Service. You can check the updated version of the Terms of Service, in any moment on this page. We save ourselves the right to update, to change or to replace any part of the Terms of Service by means of the publication of updates and/or changes in our web site. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically to verify changes. Your continuous use or the access to the web site after the publication of any change constitutes the acceptance of the above mentioned changes.

Our shop is lodged at WordPress. They provide the electronic commerce platform to us in line, which allows us to sell to you our products and services.



On having used this place, you declare that you have at least the adulthood in your state or residence province, or that you have the adulthood in your state or residence province and that you have given us your assent to allow any of your least clerks to use this place.

You cannot use our products with any illegal intention or not authorized you cannot also, in the use of the Service, violate any law in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to the copyright laws).

You must not transmit worms, virus or any code of destructive nature.

The nonperformance or violation of any of these Terms will give place to the immediate cessation of your Services.



We save ourselves the right to push the service back to any person, for any motive and in any moment.

You understand that your content (without including the information of your credit card), can be transferred without encriptar and to involve (a) transmissions across several networks; and (b) changes to fit or to adapt itself to the technical requisites of connection of networks or devices. The credit cards information is always encriptada during the transference across the networks.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any part of the Service, usp of the Service, or access to the Service or any contact in the web site across which the service lends, without the express permission in writing on our part.

The qualifications used in this agreement are included only by expediency and it does not border or affects to these Terms.



We do not become persons in charge if the available information in this place is not exact, it completes or current. The material in this place is provided only for general information and he must not entrust himself in her or to be used like the only base for the decision making without consulting, firstly, more precise, finished or opportune information. Any dependence on the matter of this place is under its own risk.

This place can contain certain historical information. The historical information, it is not necessary current and it is provided only for your reference. We save ourselves the right to modify the contents of this place in any moment, but we do not have obligation to update any information in our place. You accept that it is your responsibility of monitorear the changes in our place.



The prices of our products are fastened in return without notice.

We save ourselves the right to modify or to discontinue the Service (or any part of the content) in any moment without previous notice.

We will not be responsible before you or any third part for any modification, change of price, suspension or discontinuity of the Service.



Certain products or services puedene star available exclusively in line across the web site. These products or services can have limited quantities and be subject to return or change in accordance with our return politics only.

We have done the effort to show the colors and the images of our products, in the shop, with the biggest possible colors precision. We cannot guarantee that the monitor of your computer shows the colors of an exact way.

We save ourselves the right, but we are not forced, to limit the sales of our products or services to any person, geographical region or jurisdiction. We can exercise this right based on every case. We save ourselves the right to limit the quantities of the products or services that we offer. All the descriptions of products or prices of the products are subject to changes in any moment without previous notice, to our alone tact. We save ourselves the right to discontinue any product in any moment. Any offer of product or service done in this place is void where it is prohibited.

We do not guarantee that the quality of the products, services, information or another material bought or obtained by you expires with your expectations, or that any error in the Service will be corrected.



We save ourselves the right to push back any order that it realizes with us. We can, to our tact, limit or cancel the quantities bought by person, by hearth or by order. These restrictions can include orders realized for or under the same client’s account, the same credit card, and/or orders that use the same invoicing and/or mailing direction.

In case we do a change or cancel an order, we can try to notify you getting in touch route e-mail and/or direction of invoicing / telephone number provided in the moment that did order to itself. We save ourselves the right to limit or to prohibit the orders that, to our judgment, seem to be placed by the concessionaires, resellers or distributors.

You promise to provide current, finished and precise information of the buy and account used for all the buys realized in our shop. You promise to update quickly your account and another information, including your e-mail address and numbers of credit cards and due dates, so that we could complete your deals and contact you when it is necessary.

For more details, please it checks our Politics of Returns.



It is possible that we you provide access to hardware of third to which not monitoreamos and on that we have neither control nor entry.

You recognize and accept that we provide access to this type of hardware “such a which” and “according to availability” without guarantees, representations or conditions of any type and without any support. We will not have responsibility any derivative of or related to your use of hardware provided on third parts.

Any use that you should make of the optional hardware that are offered across the place under your own risk and tact and you must insure yourself of being acquainted and approving the terms under which this hardware is provided for or the providers of third.

Also it is possible that, in the future, we offer you new services and/or characteristics across the web site (including the throwing of new hardware and resources). These new characteristics and/or services also will be subject to these Terms of Service.



Certain content, products and available services route our Service can include material of third parts.

Linkage of third parts in this place can direccionarte to web sites of third parts that are not member with us. We do not take responsibility of examining or evaluating the content or accuracy and do not guarantee we nor will take any obligation or responsibility as any material of third or web sites, or of any material, products or services of third.

We do not become responsible for any damage or damages related to the acquisition or use of goods, services, resources, contents, or any other deal realized in connection with web sites of third. Please check carefully the politics and practices of third and insure of understanding them before taking part in any deal. Complaints, claims, worries or questions with regard to products of third must be directed to the third part.



If, to our order, you send certain specific presentations (for example the participation in contests) or without an order of our part you send creative ideas, suggestions, propositions, plans, or other materials, be already in line, by e-mail, by mail postal, or otherwise (collectively, ‘comments’), you accept that we could, in any moment, without restriction, to edit, to copy, to publish, to distribute, to translate or to use for any way comments that you have sent to us. We do not have we nor will have any obligation (1) of maintaining no comment confidentially; (2) of paying compensation for comments; or (3) of answering to comments.

We can, but we have no obligation of, monitorear, to edit or to remove content that we consider is illegitimate, offensive, threatening, slanderous, slanderous, pornographic, obscene or objectionable or violate the intellectual property of any of the parts or the Terms of Service.

You accept that your comments will not violate the rights of third parts, including copyright, mark, privacy, personality or another personal right or of property. Also, you accept that your comments do not contain slanderous or illegal, excessive or obscene material, or contain computer viruses or another malware that could, somehow, affect the functioning of the Service or of any related web site. You cannot use a false e-mail address, use another identity that is not legal, or cheat to third parts or to us as for the origin of your comments. You are the only person in charge for the comments that you do and its precision. We do not become persons in charge and do not assume any obligation with regard to the comments published by you or any third report.



Your presentation of personal information across the place is ruled by our Politics of Privacy. To see our Politics of Privacy.



Occasionally there can be information in our place or in the Service that contains misprints, inaccuracies or omissions that could be related to the descriptions of products, prices, promotions, offers, postage and packing of the product, the time of transit and the availability. We save ourselves the right to correct the errors, inaccuracies or omissions and of changing or updating the information or canceling orders if some information in the Service or in any related web site is inaccurate in any moment without previous notice (even after you have sent your order).

We do not assume any obligation to update, to correct or to clarify the information in the Service or in any related web site, including, without limitation, the information of prices, except when it should be needed by the law. No updated specification or date of update applied in the Service or in any related web site, it must be taken to indicate that all the information in the Service or in any related web site has been modified or updated.



In addition to other prohibitions since it is established in the Terms of Service, there is prohibited the use of the place or its content: (a) for no illegal intention; (b) to ask for him others that they should realize or should take part in illicit acts; (c) to violate any regulation, rules, international, federal, provincial or state laws, or local ordinances; (d) to infringe or to violate our right of intellectual property or of third parts; (e) to harass, to abuse, to insult, to damage, to defame, to slander, to discredit, to intimidate or to discriminate for reasons of genre, sexual orientation, religion, it had, race, age, nationality or disability; (f) to present false or deceitful information; (g) to load or to transmit virus or any other type of malicious code that is or could be used in any form that could compromise the functionality or the functioning of the Service or of any related web site, other places or Internet; (h) to compile or to trace personal information of others; (i) to generate spam, phis, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl, or scrape; (j) for any obscene or immoral intention; or (k) to interfere with or to deceive the safety elements of the Service or any related web site: other places or Internet. We save ourselves the right to suspend the use of the Service or of any web site related for violating any of the items of the prohibited uses.



We neither guarantee nor make sure that the use of our service will be uninterrupted, punctual, sure or free of errors.

We do not guarantee that the results that could be obtained of the use of the service will be exact or reliable.

You accept that occasionally we can remove the service in indefinite periods of time or cancel the service in any moment without previous notice.

You accept definitely that the use of, or the possibility of using, the service is under your own risk. The service and all the products and services provided across the service are (except the definitely shown for us) provided “such a which” and “as it is available” for its use, without any type of representation, guarantees or conditions of any type, already is express or implicit, including all the guarantees or implicit conditions of commercialization, marketable quality, the aptitude for a particular intention, durability, title and not infraction.

In no case FOKUS GREEN (AACD S.A.S), our directors, officials, personnel, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, providers, lenders of services or licenciantes they will be responsible for any damage, loss, claim, or direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consistent damages of any type, including, without limitation, loss of benefits, loss of income, loss of savings, loss of information, costs of substitution, or any similar damage, is already based on contract, indignation (including negligence), strict responsibility or otherwise, as a result of the use of any of the services or products acquired by means of the service, or for any other claim related somehow to the use of the service or any product, including but not limited, to any error or omission on any content, or any loss or damage of any type incurred like results of the use of the service or any content (or product) published, transmitted, or that are put at disposal across the service, even if it is warned about its possibility. Because some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of charges for consequential or incidental damages, in such states or jurisdictions, our responsibility will limit as maxim allowed by the law.



You accept to indemnify, to defend and to maintain undamaged FOKUS GREEN (AACD S.A.S) and our counterfoils, subsidies, affiliates, associates, officials, the directors, agents, contractors, concessionaires, providers of services, subcontractors, providers, interns and personnel, of any claim or demand, including reasonable fees of lawyers, done by any third one to cause or like result of your nonperformance of the Conditions of Service or of the documents that they incorporate like reference, or the violation of any law or of the rights of or third.



In case one determines that any disposition of these Conditions of Service is the illegal, void or unfeasible, above mentioned disposition it will be, nevertheless, effective to obtain the measured maxim allowed by the applicable law, and the part not exigible will be considered to be separated from these Terms of Service, the above mentioned determination will not affect the validity of applicability of other remaining dispositions.



The obligations and responsibilities of the parts that have incurred before the date of completion will survive the completion of this agreement to all the effects.

These service Conditions are effective unless and until it is finished by you or we. You can finish these Terms of Service in any moment for warning us that you already do not want to use our services, or when you stop using our place.

If to our judgment, flaws, or it is suspected that it has failed, in the fulfillment of any term or disposition of these Conditions of Service, also we can finish this agreement in any moment without previous notice, and you will keep on being responsible for all the owed totals even included the date of completion; and/or consequently we can deny to you the access to our services (or any part of the same one).



Our flaw to practise or to make to cost any right or disposition of these Conditions of Service will not constitute a resignation to such right or disposition.

These Conditions of the service and the politics or rules of operation published by us in this place or with regard to the service they constitute the finished agreement and the understanding between you and we and govern the use of the Service and it replaces any agreement, communications and previous or contemporary proposals, be already oral or written, between you and we (including, but not limited to, any version previous to the Terms of Service).

Any ambiguity in the interpretation of these Conditions of the service they will not be interpreted against the group of writing.



These Conditions of the service and any separate agreement in which we provide services to you will be ruled and 30 will interpret in conformity with the laws of Street 10 # to 71, Medellin, ANT, 005001000, Colombia.



You can check the most updated version of the Terms of Service in any moment on this page.

We save ourselves the right, to our alone tact, of updating, modifying or replacing any part of these Conditions of the service by means of the publication of the updates and the changes in our web site. It is your responsibility to check our web site periodically to verify the changes. The continuous use of or the access to our Web place or the Service after the publication of any change under these circumstances of service implies the acceptance of the above mentioned changes.



Questions about the Terms of Service must be sent to camilo@fokusgreen.com.


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