Ocean warming reaches record levels, warns WMO

Ocean warming reaches record levels, warns WMO

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned that the warming of the oceans has reached record levels and that “the worst is yet to come” since until 2100 the ocean could absorb much more heat than that already absorbed during the past half century, even if It is possible to contain global warming by just two degrees more, the seas will absorb between two and four times more heat than in the past half century, although if this limit is exceeded, it could be up to seven times more, the WMO highlighted on World Meteorological Day, that this year consecrates to the oceans.

The organization also warned that the ocean has absorbed between 20% and 30% of carbon dioxide emissions in the last 40 years, which causes a reduction in oxygen that affects marine biology, in the same way that it it is harmed by the heating of the aquatic environment.

“The repercussions of this will last for years: the ocean has a very long memory, even longer than the atmosphere,” said WMO spokesperson Clare Nullis at a press conference today.

She added that sea level rose 15 centimeters in the 20th century and will continue to do so due to the melting of glaciers, which will affect 40% of the world’s population, who live 100 kilometers from the coast, also expressed concern about the consequences that the thaw may have on maritime traffic in Arctic waters, stressing that “less ice does not mean less danger”, so she asked governments to take measures to reduce these trends.

We are going through critical moments, we cannot stop our cause, pollution is generating more and more damage, our job now is to appease its already inevitable effects.

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