215 Kg of waste collected from a beach where tourism does not reach, more than 60
animals of 10 wild species released, and more than 115 native trees
seeded: This was the impact achieved by a group of brands and influencers hand in hand
of local communities in just 2 days in Santa Marta.

As part of the Greensouls environmental and social impact collective, several brands
and personalities came together to carry out a beach cleaning day,
tree planting and unprecedented release of species in Colombia. Is about
Fokus Green, Viva Air, Hilton, Nosotras, Kalley, Parmessano, Avia and the university
CEIPA, with the support of the Mamancana nature reserve, and the foundation
Akwamare, who summoned ambassadors and personalities with the aim of creating
awareness while preserving the oceans, forests and animal species of Colombia.

The group of “Greensouls” spent two days in Santa Marta, and
they planted native trees in Mamancana, a sacred nature reserve
thorn tropical dry forest, a type of forest that today only remains 1% of what is
that once existed in Colombia. They also carried out a species release
rescued from illegal trafficking such as macaws, turtles, squirrels, snakes, possums, and
different birds They did this with the help of indigenous Koguis leaders from the Sierra Nevada
de Santa Marta and the Corpamag corporation.
In addition, the more than 70 people summoned carried out a beach cleaning day
on a beach that is not visited by tourism and that does not have access by land and they collected
about 215 kg of waste including plastic bottles, caps, disposable masks, and
other waste, accompanied by the Akwamare foundation, who guided the attendees with
his knowledge about the problem of pollution in the oceans.

Creating Social Impact

The Greensouls also awarded a 100% career scholarship
university student from CEIPA University to a young lifeguard from the community who changed
his life thanks to this event. The brands that made the event possible attended the
called by Fokus Green, a leading sustainable fashion brand in Colombia, who lead the
Greensouls collective, thus achieving awakening more green souls in the country. and demonstrating
that “Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can
change the world!”

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