Difference between organic fibers, eco-friendly and recycled materials

Difference between organic fibers, eco-friendly and recycled materials

Over time, the “sustainability” label has lost its value, more than anything, because it has become a way of creating marketing, since nowadays more people are joining the current in favor of recovery. environmental, it is increasingly difficult to find out what is the process of a brand, its production, its origin, which has generated confusion among consumers.

Knowing the new terms of the industry and knowing how to read their labels is crucial to be able to classify our own consumption as responsible with the planet “Organic fibers contain organic material and, therefore, the treatment of garments made with this material when they reach the end of its useful life it is much more respectful with the environment than other materials” affirms Clara Delmuns, Desigual’s product manager.

Eco-friendly fibers, on the other hand, stand out for their production process. “They are fibers that have been produced in a sustainable way through a process in which the impact on the environment is reduced by using less water, energy and chemicals,” says this expert.

In a third place are garments made with recycled fibers, that is, materials that represent an even less impact on the environment since they have been used and processed to be used again in other garments: In our case with Fokus Green we use bottles plastics and recycled fibers of polyester, cotton.For consumers who want to acquire truly sustainable products, there must be an in-depth critical look at the traceability that these so-called sustainable brands have, it is important to relate these industry terms with tangible materials, processes and environmental impacts, such as the use of organic cotton or recycled fibers, water-saving production processes and less use of harmful substances as well as the use of renewable energy in production systems. At Fokus Green we invite you to be part of the change, participating in conscious and responsible consumption, that you are part of a real change and not only of the good marketing results and modern consumerism, sets a trend saving the planet.

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