DAYDREAMING: High end sustainable fashion. We produce for people, companies, brands and corporations.

Because beyond having a beautiful story to tell, it is how we should do things. Without sustainability, no industry and particularly fashion have no future.

We are part of a generation destined to change the world for the better, and we have no other way of doing business than this. That is why FOKUS GREEN was born with a clear purpose: to generate awareness through fashion to positively impact the present and future of our society and our planet.

What do we do? DAYDREAMING: High end sustainable fashion for all levels of the value chain. Find your your sustainable accesories visors bags packs and everything you can imagine in a garment. We produce for people, companies, brands and corporations.

How do we do it? focusing on recycling and upcycling technologies from recovered cotton from industrial waste + recycled polyester from plastic bottles recovered from the ocean; Which allows us to create high quality fashion free of chemicals, dyes, and with 0 water discharge in production. ALL CERTIFIED AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.

Our production is made in Colombia under the best conditions of health, safety and fair wages. We are transparent and we want you to know who are the people who make your clothes.

We have prevented more than 2 tons of textile waste from being burned or decomposed in a landfill.
We have saved more than 20 million liters of water, contributed to recovering more than 30 tons of waste from our coasts and beaches together with more than 1,000 people that we have impacted and sensitized in our events and the communities of the Sierra Nevada in Sta Marta, Juanchaco Ladilleros and La Barra in Buenaventura and Tierrabomba and Bocachica in Cartagena, while we generate culture through a message of hope, good vibes and sustainability.

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